Passing 100-101 Exam With Valid 100-101 Exam Dumps

The 100-101 exam, also named Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) exam.

In the recent 100-101 exam, there were 47 questions in total, including 45 normal questions and 2 SIMs questions (Security and Show Configuration). There were no IPV6 and OSPF questions. And, the passing score now is 825/1000.

ATTENTION PLEASE: The 100-101 exam will be retired on 20/Aug/2016, then the new exam is 100-105 ICND1 v3.0 exam. I will update this post continuously once I get new questions on the 100-101 exam, at the end of this post please! (Ctrl+End)

The objectives of the 100-101 exam are:

1. Operation of IP Data Networks (6%)
2. LAN Switching Technologies (21%)
3. IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6) (11%)
4. IP Routing Technologies (26%)
5. IP Services (8%)
6. Network Device Security (15%)
7. Troubleshooting (13%)

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The exam question type of the 100-101 exam are:

1. Single Choice Questions

Single Choice Question Example:
In which situation would the use of a static route be appropriate?

A.    To configure a route to the first Layer 3 device on the network segment.
B.    To configure a route from an ISP router into a corporate network.
C.    To configure a route when the administrative distance of the current routing protocol is too low.
D.    To reach a network is more than 15 hops away.
E.    To provide access to the Internet for enterprise hosts.

Answer: B

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2. Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Question Example:
Which three network addresses are reserved for private network use? (Choose three.)


Answer: ACE

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3. Drag and Drop Questions

Drag and Drop Question Example:
Drag and Drop Question


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4. Hotspot Questions

Hotspot Question Example:
Hotspot Question

Which of the following is true regarding the configuration of SwitchA?

A.    only 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible
B.    remote connections using ssh will require a username and password
C.    only connections from the local network will be possible
D.    console access to SwitchA requires a password

Answer: B

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5. SIMs QuestionsSee more SIMs Questions from 100-101 Exam Dumps (PDF):

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