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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer plans to set up a regularly scheduled backup and archive implementation for five critical Windows 2008 Server R2 virtual machines. Each virtual machine must be backed up on a different day at the same time of day and archived to a safe place for extra security. Which two actions must the engineer take to configure the scheduled backup and archive implementation for these five virtual machines? (Choose two.)

A.    Automatically archive to a remote NFS share.
B.    Automatically archive to a remote EXT3 share.
C.    Automatically archive to a local XenServer share.
D.    Create one protection and recovery policy for all five virtual machines.
E.    Create five protection and recovery policies; one for each virtual machine.

Answer: AE

Scenario: Licenses are NOT being checked out from the license server to the XenApp server. Basic troubleshooting steps have been performed. An engineer has been asked to set up monitoring on the XenApp server and to collect data for five business days. The XenApp server is in an Active Directory OU and a worker group. The engineer has decided to focus on three aspects of licensing to monitor:
1. The average time it takes to check out a license.
2. The maximum time it takes to check out a license.
3. The number of minutes the server is disconnected from the License Server.
Which two steps should the engineer take to set up the required monitoring? (Choose two.)

A.    Launch Performance Monitor.
B.    Filter the licensing policy settings by OU.
C.    Create a new Group Policy Object in Active Directory.
D.    Filter the Health Monitoring Tests policy by Worker Group.
E.    Create a new XenApp Computer policy using the AppCenter.
F.    Add the desired performance counters to the local computer.

Answer: AF

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has deployed the EdgeSight Agent for endpoints to workstations in the Nether Tech environment during a planned downtime. After restarting the workstations in the environment, a number of the workstations have failed to register with the EdgeSight server. Which two areas should the Citrix Engineer review in order to identify the necessary settings that need to be modified to allow the agent to register with the server? (Choose two.)

A.    In the control panel of the workstation, reinstall the virtual desktop agent.
B.    In the EdgeSight console, under the Configure tab, select Agents, and select Run worker.
C.    In the EdgeSight console, under the Configure tab, check unmanaged devices and move them into the Company.
D.    In the control panel of the workstation, verify that the server name and company name in the system monitoring agent is configured.

Answer: CD

In a XenDesktop with Provisioning Services environment, which two methods of write-cache access could an engineer use to allow changes to be saved between target device restarts? (Choose two.)

A.    Server disk
B.    User device RAM
C.    Server disk persisted
D.    User device hard drive

Answer: CD

Scenario: Remote users have complained about poor performance when using a particular multimedia application. A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to optimize remote users experience. Which four steps are necessary to optimize the multimedia application for the remote users? (Choose four.)

A.    Enable Multi-Stream
B.    Enable Adaptive Display
C.    Create a Citrix User policy
D.    Create a Citrix Computer policy
E.    Enable a display bandwidth limit
F.    Enable an overall session bandwidth limit

Answer: ABCD

Scenario: Intermittently, users in a pooled XenDesktop environment receive the message `An error occurred while caching a file required for your application’ when they try to launch a streamed application while connected to the network. A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to eliminate this error for the users launching the streamed application on the network. Which two actions should the engineer take to eliminate the streamed application error for users on the network? (Choose two.)

A.    Recreate the streaming profile.
B.    Change the client cache location.
C.    Create a VHD file for the application.
D.    Execute "radecache /flushall" on the user devices.
E.    Recreate the AppHubWhiteList to specify trusted servers for profiles.

Answer: AC

Scenario: Nether Tech uses a Citrix Provisioning Services environment to publish Windows 7 desktops to users by means of XenDesktop. Firefox 6 is installed within the vDisk image. Firefox needs to be updated to the most recent version. This version needs to be tested first on a selected set of computers to see if there are any compatibility issues. Which four steps should an engineer take to achieve this task? (Choose four.)

A.    Rename the vDisk image file.
B.    Promote the maintenance vDisk to test.
C.    Switch the vDisk to Private Image mode.
D.    Create a new maintenance vDisk version.
E.    Switch the vDisk to Standard Image mode.
F.    Update Mozilla Firefox within the vDisk image.
G.    Connect the updated vDisk to the testing target devices.

Answer: BDFG

Scenario: Nether Tech is migrating from a single Provisioning Services server to a highly available Provisioning Services solution. The single server uses a local vDisk repository. Provisioning Services is being used to stream XenDesktop hosted desktops. In the new environment the local vDisk images will be placed on a shared storage. Which three steps should a Citrix Engineer take to configure high availability? (Choose three.)

A.    Update the device collections.
B.    Enable high availability on the vDisks.
C.    Change the store path to shared storage.
D.    Copy the vDisk images to shared storage.
E.    Copy the ARDP32.BIN to the shared storage.
F.    Change the vDisk access mode to Standard Image.

Answer: BCD

Scenario: A XenServer resource pool contains XenServer hosts that support remote power control. An engineer needs to configure Workload Balancing (WLB) to turn on and off the XenServer hosts automatically as virtual machines are consolidated or brought back online. Which two steps can the engineer take to allow WLB to power the XenServer hosts on and off? (Choose two.)

A.    Run the WlbConfig.exe command.
B.    Run the CLI command host-power-on.
C.    Run the CLI command host-set-power-on.
D.    Configure HA in the XenServer resource pool.
E.    Configure the Power Management feature in WLB.

Answer: CE

An engineer has been tasked with troubleshooting intermittent application and desktop enumeration issues in a XenApp/XenDesktop implementation. Which two logs should the engineer monitor to troubleshoot the issue upon the next occurrence? (Choose two.)

A.    Web Interface Site Debug Mode/Tracing
B.    Virtual Desktop Agent Log on Virtual Desktop
C.    Application Event Log on Web Interface server
D.    Stream.log on the Provisioning Services server
E.    Target Device Logs on Virtual Desktop or XenApp server

Answer: AC

Pass Your Exam On First Try Real Citrix 1Y0-A25 Exam Braindumps

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