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Scenario: The CIO for Nether Tech has instructed a Citrix Engineer to configure remote access to published desktops and hosted applications. To comply with government regulations, the CIO has requested that all traffic between the endpoint devices and the Citrix infrastructure be encrypted using industry standards. Nether Tech’s Citrix environment is comprised of 20 XenApp servers and 10 XenDesktop controllers. External users will connect to the Web Interface site through Access Gateway VPX. Due to application compatibility issues, the farms are NOT configured for network reconnection. Which two traffic segments in the Citrix environment should be secured to comply with corporate security regulations in addition to accommodating incoming user traffic and ICA traffic? (Choose two.)

A.    IMA
B.    XML
C.    STA
D.    CGP

Answer: BC

Scenario: XenServer 6.0 was recently rolled out as the hosting infrastructure for Nether Tech XenApp and XenDesktop resources. The company uses physical switches to separate the LAN segment from the DMZ network segment. A web server in the DMZ connects to a Microsoft SQL server on the LAN segment. Nether Tech would like to phase out the physical switches and implement the Distributed Virtual Switch Controller for controlling the security between these networks. Which two steps should the Citrix Engineer take to meet the needs as stated in the scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    On each XenServer host, import a Distributed Virtual Switch Controller
B.    On a single XenServer host, import a Distributed Virtual Switch Controller
C.    On the virtual interface card of the Web server allowing traffic over TCP port number 1433, add an ACL
D.    On the physical interface card of the SQL server allowing traffic over TCP port number 1433, add an ACL

Answer: BC

Scenario: Nether Tech wants to protect its mobile roaming users from theft and loss of corporate data. Management decided to implement XenVault. Which three components are required for deploying XenVault on endpoint devices? (Choose three.)

A.    Windows 7
B.    Windows XP
C.    Citrix Receiver
D.    Citrix Web Interface
E.    Citrix Merchandising Server

Answer: ACE

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer in the Nether Tech environment needs to deploy a XenServer resource pool that will consist of five hosts. Storage must be configured for optimum performance and resiliency. The engineer must also implement multipathing. Which two storage backend solutions could the engineer use to implement native multipathing in a XenServer implementation? (Choose two.)

A.    NFS
B.    CIFS
C.    iSCSI
D.    Local Storage
E.    Fibre Channel

Answer: CE

Scenario: The XenServer hosts in the Nether Tech environment have six NICs each. On each host, NICs 3 and 4 are NOT being used. A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to configure failover between the resource pool and the backend storage infrastructure. Which two steps should the Citrix Engineer take to prepare the XenServer resource pool to ensure storage failover? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure the switches in stacked mode.
B.    Enable high availability for the resource pool.
C.    Configure NIC3 and NIC4 on separate subnets.
D.    Configure NIC3 and NIC4 as bonded on each host.
E.    Enable multipathing under the XenServer hosts properties.

Answer: CE

Scenario: The Provisioning Services implementation at Nether Tech consists of two Provisioning Services servers. vDisks are stored locally in the environment. A Citrix Engineer noticed during integration testing that when one of the Provisioning Services servers is being restarted, the attached XenApp virtual machines lock up. Which two steps must the engineer take to prevent this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a local disk on the target devices.
B.    Place all of the vDisks on a different partition.
C.    Change the vDisk properties to disable high availability.
D.    Change the vDisk properties to "Cache on device hard drive."

Answer: AD

Scenario: A Provisioning Services environment consists of a single server where the vDisks are stored on a Windows file share and the write cache is placed on the target device. Nether Tech would like to move forward with a solution that withstands a single Provisioning Services server failure. An additional Citrix Provisioning Services server will be added to the Provisioning Services farm. Which two steps must an engineer take when configuring a redundant Provisioning Services solution? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable high availability on the vDisk.
B.    Copy the vDisks to the newly created server.
C.    Configure the write cache to be on the server.
D.    Configure the bootstrap file to include the new server.

Answer: AD

Scenario: Nether Tech is delivering Windows 7 virtual desktops to 1000 employees using XenDesktop in a XenServer hosting infrastructure that consists of 16 XenServer hosts. Provisioning Services is used to provide standard OS image streaming to the virtual desktops in standard image mode. The Citrix Engineer in the environment has observed a decrease in overall performance. Which two actions should the engineer take to increase performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Delete snapshots from the XenServer storage repository.
B.    Configure the vDisk write cache mode on the target device.
C.    Configure the vDisk write cache mode on the Provisioning Services server.
D.    Create a hard drive on the XenServer storage repository for each virtual machine.

Answer: BD

Scenario: Nether Tech has rolled out Windows Server 2008 XenApp published desktop to 1000 employees as their primary workspace since 2008. Recently the Citrix team has been receiving an increasing number of tickets on slow logons and logoffs and slow XenApp server performance. After further investigation, the Citrix team discovered low available disk space on the system drive of the XenApp servers. The majority of the disk space has been occupied by thousands of temporary Internet files and cookies on the local profile cache as well as in the roaming profile storage. The CIO of Nether Tech made a decision to discard the temporary Internet files and cookies but to keep the rest of the user profile information and reclaim local disk space. To accomplish this goal, the Citrix Engineer is looking to use Citrix Profile Management to replace Windows roaming profile. Which two group policy options in the Citrix profile management administrative template should the Citrix Engineer configure to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A.    In profile handling, enable "Delete locally cached profiles on logoff".
B.    In file system, configure exclusion list: local settings\temporary internet files.
C.    In Streamed user profiles, configure logon without the download temporary Internet files folder.
D.    In Advanced Settings, configure folder redirection: c:\users\%username%\local settings\temporary internet files.
E.    In file system, configure exclusion list: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\microsoft\internet explorer\temporary internet files.

Answer: AB

Scenario: XenApp is implemented on XenServer in the Nether Tech environment. In case of a disaster, the engineering team at Nether Tech would like the assurance of knowing that a regularly scheduled snapshot of a XenApp virtual server hosting a software management application and a database is available. A Citrix Engineer decides to schedule the snapshots to be automatically archived to a remote NFS share. Which two backup methods could the engineer use to create a scheduled backup and archive for the software development server? (Choose two.)

A.    Health Monitoring and Recovery
B.    Scripted snapshots through XenAPI
C.    Virtual Machine Protection and Recovery
D.    Third-party backup and recovery software

Answer: CD

Pass Your Exam On First Try Real Citrix 1Y0-A25 Exam Braindumps

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