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Upon analyzing the EdgeSight Console, a Citrix Engineer verifies that some of the XenApp servers that had to be rebuilt are duplicated under the EdgeSight Company. What can the administrator do to prevent these duplicates?

A.    Set the Coalesce option to ‘Yes’.
B.    Set the Automatically Register Agents to ‘No’.
C.    Reinstall the EdgeSight Agent on the XenApp server.
D.    Move the device from Unmanaged Devices into the right company.

Answer: A

Scenario: Provisioning Services is used to deploy XenApp servers in standard image mode. EdgeSight for XenApp is implemented in the environment to monitor the XenApp farm. When a XenApp server restarts unexpectedly, the Help Desk is unable to obtain EdgeSight real time information. What should the engineer do to use EdgeSight for XenApp in an environment where XenApp is deployed by way of Provisioning Services?

A.    Assign a UNC share for the EdgeSight Agent.
B.    Attach a local persistent disk for the EdgeSight firebird database.
C.    Create a worker upload schedule every 15 minutes to the SQL reporting database.
D.    Create a temporary database in the SQL reporting server for the real time information.

Answer: B

Scenario: Some XenApp users are experiencing a performance related issue when accessing hosted applications. All of the users experiencing this issue are accessing the same virtualized XenApp server. A Citrix Engineer suspects a disk bottleneck. How should the Citrix Engineer monitor disk reads and writes?

A.    Select the XenServer host and select the Storage tab.
B.    Select the XenServer host and select the Performance tab.
C.    Select the virtual machine in question and select the Storage tab.
D.    Select the virtual machine in question and select the Performance tab.

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer should select XenServer in the ‘To’ field on the XenConvert welcome screen when she needs to convert a________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    single volume of a physical disk toXenServer
B.    single volume on a physical disk to a bootable XVAXenServer virtual machine
C.    single volume on a physical disk to aXenServer template for import into XenCenter
D.    physical machine to an open virtualization format Package that can be imported intoXenServer

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is considering making a change to the design document in order to allow the alternate address of the XenApp server to be given to a particular set of client devices when users attempt to access published applications. What are three settings that the Citrix Engineer must configure in order to use the alternate address of the XenApp servers for the particular set of client devices? (Choose three.)

A.    Enable the spanning tree protocol.
B.    Configure port forwarding on the managed switches.
C.    Configure the firewall for network address translation.
D.    Configure theXenApp Servers with an alternate address.
E.    Specify the MAC address of the client devices that should receive the alternate address.
F.    Specify the IP Address and Subnet Mask for each of the client devices that the users will connect from.

Answer: CDF

When completed, Nether Tech Inc.’s environment will consist of XenDesktop and XenApp resources. The engineer has configured alternate address translation on the XenApp servers and the Web Interface to use alternate address access method. What will happen if the Citrix Engineer configures alternate address translation when securing the traffic between the Web Interface and the client devices?

A.    The Java client will fail.
B.    Users will NOT be able to accessXenApp streamed applications.
C.    External users will NOT be able to access XenDesktop virtual desktops.
D.    The XML transport will have to be changed to SSL Relay in order to access the desktops.
E.    Internal users will have to connect through theXenApp servers using the alternate address.

Answer: C

What should the Citrix Engineer enable when configuring server communication between the Web Interface and XenApp or XenDesktop in order to allow smart card logon?

B.    URL redirect
C.    IMA Encryption
D.    Two-factor authentication

Answer: A

The Citrix Architect should recommend the implementation of a shared storage infrastructure if _____and_____ are required. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    XenMotion
B.    disk resizing
C.    centralized storage
D.    virtual machine storage

Answer: AC

Which storage type should be used if thin provisioning is required from the XenServer?

A.    NFS based
B.    Fibre Channel
C.    iSCSI software
D.    iSCSI hardware

Answer: A

Scenario: During the initial stage of the design phase, Nether Tech Inc.’s management team did NOT request the use of remote storage in their environment; however, after attending a recent demonstration for XenServer, Nether Tech Inc.’s management team is interested in implementing shared remote storage, specifically an implementation that will allow for fast-cloning and thin-provisioning. Which three remote storage types will meet the needs of this environment? (Choose three.)

A.    NetApp
B.    NFS based
C.    Fibre Channel
D.    iSCSI software
E.    iSCSI hardware
F.    DellEqualLogic

Answer: ABF

Pass Your Exam On First Try Real Citrix 1Y0-A25 Exam Braindumps

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