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Scenario: Nether Tech deployed XenVault to mobile users. A mobile user reported that a laptop was stolen. Which option must be configured to ensure that data on the stolen laptop is completely removed?

A.    Lock the client’s safe zone.
B.    Delete the client’s safe zone.
C.    Disable the client’s safe zone.
D.    Autolock the client’s safe zone.

Answer: B

Scenario: Nether Tech has decided to expand its call center by an additional 30 representatives. Employees in the Nether Tech environment use XenDesktop hosted desktops. There is sufficient memory and CPU to create an additional 30 virtual machines to provide virtual desktops to the new accountants. After additional virtual machines start up, the performance on the host degrades significantly. After running, the results showed four CPUs, 512 MB of memory, 2 GB of storage, and 4096 KB of cache. Which resource should the engineer increase to Dom0 to provide higher density on the hypervisor?

A.    vCPU
B.    Cache
C.    Storage
D.    Memory

Answer: D

Scenario: Nether Tech is delivering Windows 7 virtual desktops to 1000 employees using XenDesktop in a XenServer hosting infrastructure that consists of 16 XenServer hosts. Four Provisioning Services servers will be used to provide OS image streaming to the virtual desktops in standard image mode. Each of the virtual desktops has a dedicated virtual disk as a local disk write cache with persistent data storage for EdgeSight local database and anti-virus definitions. The CIO has instructed the Citrix team to build a mirror datacenter with the same infrastructure as the primary site, for disaster recovery. What should the Citrix Engineer do to ensure a smooth transition to the backup datacenter with up-to-date Provisioning Services vDisks and local persistent data?

A.    Use Microsoft DFS to replicate the local vdisk.
B.    Use StorageLink to replicate XenServer storage repository.
C.    Use Microsoft DFS to replicate the Provisioning Services server vDisks.
D.    Use workload balancing service to dynamically move virtual machine from one server to another.

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is designing a storage network solution for the XenServer hosts in a resource pool. The engineer plans to configure two physical network interfaces (NICs) on each host with multipathing. Which type of storage configuration must the engineer select in order to set up the two NICs for multipathing?

A.    An NFS storage device
B.    A LUN connection with LVM over HBA
C.    iSCSI and CIFS routed over the same network
D.    Multiple iSCSI connections, each with their own IP

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer needs to configure a fast throughput, redundant storage network solution, with two NICs on a XenServer host that are connected to two switches. Which type of storage network should the engineer configure using the two NICs and two switches?

A.    Multipathing traffic with switches on the same subnet
B.    Multipathing traffic with switches on separate subnets
C.    Active-active NIC bond with PortFast enabled on the switches
D.    Active-active NIC bond with BPDU protection disabled on the switches

Answer: B

Scenario: A Provisioning Services environment consists of two geographical locations, with a single Provisioning Services server located in each location. The vDisks are stored in shared storage. The environment is being used for streaming Citrix XenApp virtual machines by means of a locally attached ISO boot image. At each site, an additional Provisioning Services server has been added to offload the current single server solution and to create high availability in case of a server failure. High availability is enabled on the vDisks. What should a Citrix Engineer do to meet the requirements specified in the scenario?

A.    Place the vDisk files locally on each provisioning server.
B.    Recreate the ISO boot images using Boot Device Manager at each site.
C.    Modify the DHCP Scope Options to include the newly created servers at each site.
D.    Recreate the ISO boot images using the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard.

Answer: B

Scenario: When a new virtual machine is created in the Nether Tech environment, it has a NIC for both the production and storage networks by default. The Citrix Engineer wants to ensure that no new virtual machines are unintentionally created with a storage NIC. How can the engineer modify the network configuration to prevent the automatic addition of a storage NIC to new virtual machines?

A.    Modify each of the XenServer templates.
B.    Modify the properties of the storage NIC.
C.    Modify the properties of the storage network.
D.    Modify the properties of the management interface on the storage network.

Answer: C

VLAN 15 has been created to be used by virtual machines hosted in a XenServer pool. Which step must the engineer take to make the new VLAN available to virtual machines in this XenServer pool?

A.    Add a new internal network.
B.    Add a new bonded network.
C.    Add a new external network.
D.    Add VLAN 15 to an existing network.

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer at Nether Tech suspects high latency in the XenApp farm in ICA sessions between a particular XenApp server and user devices on the network. The engineer needs to gather information on the average latency of each ICA session on that server over a period of five business days. Which tool should the engineer use to gather the needed data?

A.    AppCenter
B.    Windows Performance Monitor
C.    Health Monitoring and Recovery
D.    EdgeSight for XenApp Basic Agent

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer needs to monitor session logon and logoff on all of the servers and be alerted if a pre-determined threshold is reached on any server. Which tool should the engineer use to monitor session logon and logoff and send an alert when triggered?

A.    AppCenter
B.    Event Viewer
C.    Performance Monitor
D.    EdgeSight for XenApp Basic Agent

Answer: A

Pass Your Exam On First Try Real Citrix 1Y0-A25 Exam Braindumps

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