CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Exam Questions – Section 1 (1-5)

Section 1 – Choice Questions

1: Which of the following characteristics describe the BPDU Guard feature? (Choose all that apply.)
A.A BPDU Guard port should only be configured on ports with PortFast enabled.
B.BPDU Guard and PortFast should not be enabled on the same port.
C.BPDU Guard is used to ensure that superior BPDUs are not received on a switch port.
D.A BPDU Guard port receiving a BPDU will go into err-disable state.
E.A BPDU Guard port receiving a BPDU will be disabled.
F.BPDU Guard can be enabled on any switch port.
Correct Answers: A E

2: Which of the following are valid modes of accessing the data plane? (Choose all that apply.)
A.Serial connection
B.Secure Shell
D.Simple Network Management Protocol
Correct Answers: A B D E F

3: Which of the following is not an essential prerequisite for AutoQoS to be correctly applied to an interface? (Choose all that apply.)
A.The interface must be configured as a Multilink PPP interface.
B.The correct bandwidth should be configured on the interface.
C.A QoS policy must not be currently attached to the interface.
D.CEF must be enabled.
E.AutoQoS must be enabled globally before it can be enabled on the interface.
F.An IP address must be configured on the interface if its speed is equal to or less than 768 kbps.
Correct Answers: A E

4: Which of the following topology situations would be a good candidate for configuring DMVPN?
A.Extranet VPN
B.Managed overlay VPN topology
C.Hub-and-spoke VPN topology
D.Central-site VPN topology
E.Full mesh VPN topology
F.Remote-access VPN topology
Correct Answers: E

5: Which of the following is not considered a common approach to narrow the field of potential problem causes? (Choose the best answer.)
A.Following the traffic path
C.Comparing configurations
E.Divide and conquer
F.Examine SLAs
Correct Answers: F

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