CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Exam Questions – Chapter 1 (56-60)

Section 1 – Choice Questions

56: Which of the following is not a typical wireless troubleshooting target?
A.Quality of Service
B.Trunk configuration
C.Access lists
D.Routing protocol configuration
E.Power over Ethernet
F.DHCP configuration
Correct Answers: D

57: Which of the following is a valid representation of the following IPv6 address:2001:0000:0000:0abc:0000:0000:000a:000b? Choose the answer with the least number of digits.
Correct Answers: F

58: Which of the following are troubleshooting targets common to both site-to-site and remote-access VPNs?(Choose all that apply.)
A.Routing loops
B.Misconfiguration of VPN end points
C.Overiapping IP address space
E.User profiles
Correct Answers: A B F

59: You are using NBAR to get a statistical baseline for the applications running on your network but discover that some applications are not being recognized. Which of the following are possible solutions?(Choose all that apply.)
A.Use the ip nbar pdlm command to allow NBAR to reference a new PDLM in flash memory.
B.If NBAR doesn’t recognize certain applications you must contact Cisco and ask them to email you a new PDLM for that application.
C.Use the ip nbar port-map command to allow NBAR to recognize certain applications with a nev/port number.
D.The applications not being recognized can be rerouted to an NBAR collector, which has a more complete listof applications.
E.Use the copy nbar flash: command to download a new PDLM file to flash.
F.Use the ip nbar pdlm command to download a new NBAR reference file from the Cisco website.
Correct Answers: A C

60: Which of the following statements are true for routers but not true for Layer 3 Ethernet switches?(Choose all that apply.)
A.May have Ethernet as well as non-Ethernet interfaces
B.Traditionally used as a standalone device for inter-VLAN communication
C.Makes use of TCAMs
D.Uses subinterfaces to define trunks
E.Can use both Layer 2 and Layer 3 to make forwarding decisions
F.Allows the definition of Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVI)
Correct Answers: A B D

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