CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Exam Questions – Section 1 (21-25)

Section 1 – Choice Questions

26: Which of the following is not a characteristic of fast switching?
A.Fast switching reduces a routers CPU utilization, compared to process switching.
B.All packets of a flow, except for the first packet, use the information in the fast cache.
C.It can be enabled with the interface command ip route-cache.
D.Fast switching uses a fast cache maintained in a router’s control plane.
E.The fast cache contains information about how traffic from different data flows should be forwarded.
F.Even though the fast switching is enabled, the first packet of a flow is still process switched.
Correct Answers: D

27: Which of the following commands will display a router’s crypto map IPsec security association settings? crypto map ipsec sa crypto map crypto engine connections active ipsec crypto map crypto map sa ipsec crypto map sa
Correct Answers: A

28: Which of the following pieces of information will the command show interface provide? (Choose all that apply.)
A.Layer 1 status
B.Output queue drops
C.Interface CPU utilization
D.Cable type connected to interface
E.Layer 2 status
F.Input queue drops
Correct Answers: A B E F

29: Which of the following statements concerning IGMP are correct? (Choose all that apply.)
A.With IGMPvl, queries are sent to a specific group.
B.Hosts issuing IGMPvl requests will be correctly interpreted by IGMPv2 hosts due to backward compatibility.
C.An IGMPv2 router will ignore IGMPv2 leave messages when IGMFVl hosts are present.
D.With IGMFV2, a leave message is supported.
E.An IGMPv2 host will send an IGMFVl report on an IGMFVl router.
F.An IGMPv2 router can only allow IGMPv2 hosts to execute a join request.
Correct Answers: C D E

30: Which of the following are byproducts of a structured maintenance plan? (Choose all that apply.)
A.Predictable security vulnerabilities
B.Economies of scale
C.Improved expenditure forecasts
D.Increased downtime
E.Predictable equipment obsolescence
F.Consumption of fewer resources
Correct Answers: A B C E F

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