CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Exam Questions – Section 1 (11-15)

Section 1 – Choice Questions

11: Which of the following commands can be used to gather information about the ASPATH of a BGP route? (Choose all that apply.) ip bgp neighbors
B.debug ip bgp updates ip route bgp ip route bgp ip bgp summary ip bgp database
Correct Answers: B D E

12: How long will a port remain in the listening state by default?
A.Depends on the number of switches in the spanning tree domain
B.50 seconds
C.15 seconds
D.Until the root directs it to start forwarding
E.20 seconds
F.Depends on the pott speed
Correct Answers: C

13: A new router is added to an existing HSRP standby group. One of the existing routers is in an active state, the other is in a standby state. Under what circumstance will the new router become the active router?
A.The new router will become active immediately because it’s the newest router introduced into the group.
B.The new router can become active only when the existing active router and the existing standby router become unavailable.
C.The new router has a lower priority value.
D.The new router will never become active unless the existing active router becomes unavailable.
E.The new router has preempt configured and a higher priority
F.The new router has a higher priority value.
Correct Answers: E

14: Which of the following is not a valid reason for a packet to be punted?
A.The TCAM has reached capacity
B.An unknown destination MAC address
C.A packet being discarded due to a security violation
D.A Telnet packet from a session being initiated with the switch
E.Routing protocols sending broadcast traffic
F.A packet belonging to a GRE tunnel
Correct Answers: C

15: Which of the following are not true OSPF LSA rules?
A.OSPF LSA type 5 triggers an LSA type 7 at an ABR between an NSSA and the backbone area.
B.OSPF LSA type 1 triggers an LSA type 3 at an ABR.
C.OSPF LSA type 7 triggers an LSA type 5 at an ABR between an NSSA and the backbone area.
D.OSPF LSA type 3 triggers an LSA type 4 at an ABR.
E.OSPF LSA type 5 triggers an LSA type 7 at an A5BR but only in N5SAs.
F.OSFP LSA type 2 triggers an LSA type 3 at an ABR.
Correct Answers: A D E

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