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Citrix job opportunities are typically demand from customers, you can find Basic safety Expert plus Basic safety Men with vision the choices term one or two job opportunities widely available to get anyone by using Citrix 1Y0-370 and also basic safety documentation. By using 1Y0-370 dumps download documentation you’re have the ability to achieve the credentials that they have to improve online and perhaps corporation cpa affiliate networks. The practice you will enjoy by Citrix multi-level exercising could help you to get a hands on groundwork you must go away a audit for your personal documentation in such a arena. There are several Citrix documentation products out there, it is necessary audit Making, Implementing plus Dealing with XenMobile Methods mental puts, additionally there is a number with exercising products that might be during Citrix.

A Citrix Engineer needs to load balance enrollment requests from Apple iOS devices. The engineer should implement an SSL Offload virtual server using __________ protocol and port __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A. SSL; 443
B. TCP; 443
C. SSL; 8443
D. TCP; 8443

Answer: C

A school has a pool of mobile devices that students use on premises for coursework. How could a Citrix Engineer configure XenMobile Device Manager to warn the user when the device is taken off campus?

A. Deploy a Roaming Configuration policy.
B. Issue a Locate from the Device Security menu.
C. Enable Tracking from the Device Security menu.
D. Set the Geo-fencing options in a Location Services policy.

Answer: D

Which two policies should a Citrix Engineer add to a deployment package to set the status of a user’s device to Out of Compliance and notify the engineer whenever a user installs a blacklisted application on an enrolled device? (Choose two.)

A. App Lock
B. Restriction
C. Automated Actions
D. Applications Access

Answer: CD

Which two settings could a Citrix Engineer configure during Express Setup on the App Controller console? (Choose two.)

A. License file
B. NTP Server
C. DNS Servers
D. HA Peer address

Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users with remote access to SaaS applications managed by XenMobile. Users will access the applications on their mobile devices through Worx Home. Which two options should the engineer configure in the session profile on the NetScaler?
(Choose two.)

B. Clientless Access ON
D. Single Sign-on to Web Applications DISABLED

Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is working in a XenMobile proof-of-concept environment, which has a single-hop DMZ. The engineer needs to integrate XenMobile Device Manager with XenMobile App Controller for internal testing purposes. Which two requirements must the engineer ensure are met in order to successfully configure this environment? (Choose two.)

A. The Device Manager must be able to resolve the App Controller’s Host Name.
B. The App Controller root certificate must be installed on the Device Manager server.
C. Ports 80 and 443 must be opened between the Device Manager and the App Controller.
D. Both the Device Manager and the App Controller must be located on the same network subnet.

Answer: AC

Scenario:StoreFront is implemented as part of a XenMobile solution. Users in the environment currently rely on HTML5 Receiver because Citrix Receiver is NOT installed on their workstations. How could a Citrix Engineer present Web/SaaS applications to these users based on the scenario?

A. Enable StoreFront to aggregate App Controller apps.
B. Add the App Controller server to StoreFront as a Delivery Controller.
C. Enable the ‘Require app installation’ option in the Web/SaaS application properties.
D. Add the StoreFront Legacy support URL to the Windows Apps Configuration on the App Controller.

Answer: B

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