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The 70-342 exam, also named Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 exam. The passing score of the 70-342 exam is 700 marks now!

As many people have confirmed that the actual 70-342 exam contains 40 questions (around 15-20 new questions are not available in the OLD & FREE version 70-342 dumps on and other websites, but you can learn them from PassLeader 70-342 dumps). 2 Case Study with 8 questions and 32 mixed questions. Many questions on Unified Messaging (UM), Database Availability Group (DAG) and so on. Learning Quorum and what happens with dynamic quorum deeply and making sure that you understand when a witness is needed and when it’s not based on how many quorum members there are, which will help you get correct answers in the mixed questions.

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The objectives of the 70-342 exam are:

1. Configure, manage, and migrate Unified Messaging (20%)
2. Design, configure, and manage site resiliency (22%)
3. Design, configure, and manage advanced security (21%)
4. Configure and manage compliance, archiving, and discovery solutions (20%)
5. Implement and manage coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration, and federation (18%)

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The exam question type of the 70-342 exam are:

1. Single Choice Questions

Single Choice Question Example:
You have an Exchange Server organization that has two sites. Each site contains one standalone Exchange Server. You need to ensure that all of the messages transmitted within the organization are protected by a remote shadow queue. What Should you do?

A.    In the internal DNS zone, create a service location (SRV) record for each server.
B.    In the internal DNS zone, create a mail exchange (MX) record for each server.
C.    Deploy an additional Exchange server to each site.
D.    Create two database availability group (DAGs) that each contain one of the servers

Answer: D

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2. Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Question Example:
You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization. The human resources (HR) department has a custom form used to enter the personal information of employees. The form uses the Microsoft Word format. You need to encrypt the contents of the form automatically when users in the HR department send the form to users outside the organization. You deploy an Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) template. Which two of the following should you create next? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    an Outlook protection rule.
B.    a Mail Tip
C.    a DLP policy template.
D.    a Policy Tip.

Answer: AC

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3. Drag and Drop Questions

Drag and Drop Question Example:
Drag and Drop Question
Your company has two offices. Each office is configured as an Active Directory site. The sites are named Site1 and Site2. You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that is configured as shown in the following exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

Datacenter Activation Coordination (DAC) mode is enabled on the database availability group (DAG) named DAG1. You are testing a site failover by shutting down all of the servers in Site1. You need to mount the databases in Site2. Which four commands should you run in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate four commands from the list of commands to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. More than one order of answer choices is correct. You will receive credit for any of the correct orders you select.)


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4. Case Study

Case Study Example:
Case Study — Trey Research
Overview General
Trey Research is a brokerage firm that has 5,000 users. Trey Research has a finance department, a human resources department, an investment department, and a legal department. Trey Research is acquiring a partner company named Fabrikam, Inc.
Physical Locations
Trey Research has four main offices located in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link. The Chicago office connects directly to the Internet.
Existing Environment
Network Environment
Trey Research has an Active Directory forest named The forest contains a single domain. All domain controllers run Windows Server 2012. Each office is configured as an Active Directory site. All user accounts are in an organizational unit (OU) based on their department. All users are in a universal security group based on their department. Trey Research has a Lync Server 2013 infrastructure. The infrastructure is configured to required encryption for voice traffic.
Exchange Server Organization
Trey Research has an Exchange Server organization that contains five servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table:

The mailbox databases are mounted on the Exchange servers shown in the following table:

All of the mailboxes of the users in the executives department are mounted on DB3. A public folder database named PF1 is mounted on EX5. The Exchange Server organization has the following configurations:
– Users in the legal department use a shared mailbox named Legal. Legal is enabled for In-Place Hold. Legal is the only mailbox on DB2.
– All inbound and outbound email messages to and from the Internet are routed through EX1.
– Email messages sent and received by Fabrikam are secured by using Mutual TLS.
– All public folders are stored in PF1.
All users connect to their mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App. Fabrikam has an Exchange Server 2013 organization.
Problem Statements
Trey Research identifies the following issues:
– After a change to a certificate, users report that email messages sent to Fabrikam are not delivered.
– The storage for DB3 fails. The storage will be offline for the next two days.
Planned Changes
Trey Research plans to implement the following changes:
– Move all public folders to an Exchange Server 2013 server. The solution must ensure that all users cannot modify the public folders stored on EX5 after the planned move.
– Integrate Unified Messaging (UM) services with the Lync Server 2013 infrastructure.
Collaboration Requirements
Custom recipient MailTips created in the Exchange Server organization of Trey Research must be visible to the users at Fabrikam. The solution must ensure that administrators can define a subset of users who can share their MailTips.
Auditing Requirements
The following actions must be audited for actions in the Legal mailbox only:
– Delegate – Purge mailbox content
– Delegate – Transfer file between folders
– Administrator – Messages sent by administrator
– Administrator – Open any content within the mailbox
Security Requirements
Trey Research identifies the following security requirements:
– Ensure that the users in the finance department can protect email messages from being altered in transit, regardless of the recipient.
– Prevent the email messages sent to the users in the human resources department from being forwarded to external recipients.
– Prevent the audio files in voice mail message marked as Private from being extracted from email messages.
– Redirect email messages that contain social security information to the legal department.
Compliance Requirements
Trey Research identifies the following compliance requirements:
– All users must be notified before they send an email message that contains any five bank account numbers to an external recipient. The users must be able to override the requirement if they have a valid business reason to send the email message.
– Users must use a custom message classification when they send email messages that contain information about the planned acquisition of Fabrikam.
– Only the users in the legal department must be able to use eDiscovery to view the contents of email messages sent by the finance department users.

You need to recommend a solution that meets the auditing requirements. Which command should you include in the recommendation? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)


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5. Hotspot Questions

Hotspot Question Example:
Hotspot Question
You have a hybrid deployment of Exchange Server 2013. All user mailboxes are hosted on-premises. You are evaluating the implementation of personal archives. You need to identify which client types can access personal archives hosted on-premises and which client types can access personal archives hosted in Exchange Online. What should you identify? To answer, select the valid archive type for each client in the answer area.


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